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Your Parenting Matters.

Build Your Family’s Foundation For Life

Our kids learn from us. All. The. Time. 

They’re watching us. They’re constantly modeling our behavior:  the good, the bad and the indifferent. With all of the stress and adversity our children face today, in the midst of all the external messages, you remain your child’s greatest influence.

Your parenting style has a tremendous impact on the foundation and future of these precious individuals. Positive Parenting is an EFFECTIVE and affectionate parenting style. Positive Parenting will change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood.

What Support Are You Seeking Today? 

As a Family & Youth Educator, I have over 15 years working with parents and children in the education system and almost 10 years supporting parents in court custody cases. In addition, I’m a Certified Family Life Educator specifically trained to support family education and learning. Utilizing verifiable evidence-based methods and research, I’ve designed successful parenting and youth programs used across the globe. 

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Research shows that parenting styles and methods have a permanent effect on your child’s future. Indeed, proper parenting has the potential to increase your child’s happiness, health, and success. Positive Parenting will change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood.

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Positive Parenting ensures parents are in full control of the household. When implemented properly, Positive Parenting creates an incredibly solid foundation for the entire family. Positive Parenting methods, once set into place can provide an amazing cohesive environment. 

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Teens need us just as much as toddlers. In fact, teens often have their own versions of temper tantrums or acting out. Like toddlers, teens are in that awkward stage of NEEDING independence (a must) while their life remains controlled by adults. Add peer pressure, social media, pressure to succeed in school and acquire the necessary skills to become an adult, fluctuating hormones, relationships, and so much more!

All Inclusive Life-Changing Workshop

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#1 Parenting Program!

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus

This All-In-One Course Provides Everything Necessary to Support You & Your Family

Experience a world free of fears and frustrations! Powerful Positive Parenting Plus is a one-of-a-kind parenting program designed to support you as an individual, you as a parent, and your entire family! This dynamic course goes above-and-beyond parenting support, providing everything you need to live a happy, healthy authentic lifestyle you can model for your children. Lessons are short, simple, relatable and based on natural principles that are easy to implement.

Designed by a Certified Family Life Educator with over fifteen years working with educators, families and children in the classroom, and in the home, you’re in good hands with Susan.

Meet Certified Family Life Educator & Parenting Coach, Susan Graham, CFLE

Hey There, I’m Susan!

I’m a Certified Family Life Educator, Parent Coach & Course Creator, wife & mother of 3 incredible humans. I know all about the challenges parents struggle with as we juggle multiple hats and busy lives.

I know because I’ve lived it myself.

You Are Not Alone In Your Parenting Journey.

My programs and workshops utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods available, designed for convenience and simplicity.

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Free Powerful Positive Parenting Starter Kit

What You’ll Get in Your Starter Kit

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Yes! I Want to Become a Powerful Positive Parent!

Positive Parenting Introduction:

  • What Is Positive Parenting? 
  • What Positive Parenting Can Do for Your Family
  • Why Positive Parenting Works for Any Age
  • The Top 3 Components of Healthy Parenting
  • Simple Positive Parenting "Do's" You Can Use Right Now
  • Navigating Parenting Mishaps without the Guilt!

Positive Parenting Stress Management:

  • What Does Stress Have to Do With Parenting? (Hint: Everything)
  • Signs of Stress in Kids
  • Signs You're Stressed Out or Overloaded as a Parent
  • Immediate Stress Busters for the Entire Family

Positive Parenting Communication

  • 20 Positive Conversation Starters for Children
  • 20 Positive Conversation Starters for Teens


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Susan Graham, CFLE

Certified Family Life Educator 

Parenting Coach

Parent & Family Workshop Developer

What Is A Family Life Educator?

Family Life Education is the professional practice of equipping and empowering family members to develop knowledge and skills that enhance well-being and strengthen relationships through an educational, preventive, and strength-based approach. 


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“Blown away by her attention to detail and breakdown analysis on how parenting differs but yet all have the common goals. 5-Stars!”

Jason M.


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“I learned a lot from Susan and her course material. She made it personal and let me set the pace for my learning and application. Great investment!”

Ryan F.


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“Susan was so caring and understanding. She helped me through every question and all the lessons without judgment or bias. She truly works with a passion to help parents succeed at their fullest potential! 10/5″​

Alex S. 

Testimonials From The Home Front 

What My Kids Have to Say

Yes!  These are my real children.  No, I did not force them, bribe them, pay them, pressure them, or anything along those lines.  I asked my kids if they’d be willing to provide an honest testimonial on how they would describe the success of my parenting skills ~ after I dedicated my efforts to improve my parenting skills, earned my certification, and put my lessons to the test in the real world.

Susan Graham's daughter Lauren

Lauren Graham, 24

Multilingual Learners Elementary Teacher

“My mom really changed when she started working on her certification and parenting knowledge.  She became a whole different person, a better parent. I’m always asking for her classroom management advice.

Nicole Graham, 21

Global Studies Student

“My friends tell me how lucky I am to have a mom who listens and supports me, even when we disagree. I have to admit she’s a great mom. I feel safe coming to her with almost anything.”

Susan Graham's daughter Nicole

Brendan Graham, 18


“She’s okay. Just kidding! She’s a great mom. If something goes wrong, I know I can go to her to help me figure things out.”

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