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Community & Coaching Connections

What Community Has To Offer

Research shows that support groups provide healthy parenting skills, an increased sense of empowerment, and a feeling of belonging.

Achieve Life Balance’s Powerful Positive Parenting Community utilizes a strength-based approach.

A strength-based approach recognizes we all have valuable knowledge and experience, strengths to be shared and built upon within a healthy community base.

The Latest in Parenting Support

As a Certified Family Life Educator with a passion for helping parents and youth, my Powerful Positive Parenting Community brings the latest parenting news, popular topics and updates to support parents.

Professional Guests

Learning is a community effort. I love collaborating with industry experts to maintain the most-up-to-date knowledge and support. My guests include parenting specialists, marriage & family counselors, educators, health professionals and advocates, community leaders…just to name a few. I try to implement a specialist Q/A at least once a month.

Q/A Sessions

Take advantage of direct access to a Certified Family Life Educator and Parenting Coach who has worked in the education system for over 15 years. Susan holds regular Q/A sessions on hot topics. Have your own question? Send me a note with your suggestions. You’ll be informed if you question or topic is added to the docket.

Community Support

By networking together parents may find answers to their questions and struggles. The Powerful Positive Parenting Community
provides a safe place to connect with others. Ask questions, share ideas and experiences, gain new knowledge, comfort one another, celebrate success, or simply sit back and observe the community until you’re ready to share.

Community Members Have Access to:

Certified Family Life Educator,
Parent & Family Coach,
& Family Course Developer

Susan Graham, CFLE

Free Resources

Free parenting toolkits, parenting tips, videos, articles….you’ll find plenty of value in the Powerful Positive Parenting Community.

Free Webinars

I try to provide affordable programming on hot topics. Keep your eye out in the Powerful Positive Parenting Community for access to free webinars

Cool Stuff Parents Can Use

While I don’t endorse or sell outside products, the wonderful collaboration with industry leaders means I get updates on really cool parenting products and tools.

Discounts & Access to Exclusive Events

Of course, I have awesome paid products, full of value and support. The Powerful Positive Parenting Community is where you can the information on the latest programs, exclusive events and special discounts!

Even More Good Stuff!

New Podcasts

Yes, I run podcasts from time to time on hot topics or when interviewing a professional with news to share. I’m also a guest on many wonderful parenting-related podcasts. You’ll find access to these podcasts in the Powerful Positive Parenting Community. Who knows, you may find a new program or series you love!

Hot Topics

By now, you’ve probably discovered, I love knowledge. Learning is both powerful and exciting. The Powerful Positive Parenting Community is centered around both old topics (parenting been there, done that! Because some of us haven’t been there) and topics that directly relate to life today.

Small Groups

One of my favorite things is to connect personally with small groups to discuss popular topics. Connecting live provides an incredible opportunity to ask direct questions, share your thoughts, gain expert advice, and learn how common your concerns actually are. You are truly not alone! Join the Powerful Positive Parenting Community and suggest a topic for a small group or find out about the next online connection.