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Navigating parenthood is difficult enough; navigating with  another parent, one who has different parenting views and expectations, is even tougher.

Do You Struggle With Any Of The Following?

  • Parenting agreements and arguments over parenting styles
  • Communicating with your co-parent over parenting
  • Stress and anxiety over co-parenting issues
  • Navigating your child's behavior after spending time with your co-parent
  • Setting effective rules and consequences in your home
  • Setting rules or disciplining effectively without the support of your co-parent
  • Fear your child is stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by the discord between you and your co-parent
  • Trying to undo, coverup or reduce the impact of your co-parent's interaction with your child
  • Navigating the dynamics of your blended family

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Co-Parenting Matters

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“The most significant relationship, and the one children observe the most, is how their parents get along with one another.”

Your children are watching the two of you interact—and learning from it. They’re not only observing how you communicate, they’re storing away these methods as the foundation for future relationships. Your kids don’t just want you to get along; they need you to get along. Whenever communicating with your ex gets tedious, remember this mantra “Our Kids Need Us to Work Together”.

What You’ll Get in Your Powerful Positive Co-Parenting Starter Kit

This kit is effective for Spouses

Co-parents in the same home

Co-parents in separate homes

and Blended Families

Introduction To Powerful Positive Parenting

  • What Positive Parenting Can Do for Your Family
  • Positive Parenting Works for Any Age
  • The 3 Co-Parenting Actions that Impact Your Child For Life
  • Healthy Co-Parenting Communication
  • Simple Positive Parenting Do's You Can Implement Right Now
Image of included documents in our powerful positive co-parenting-kit.


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Positive Parenting Stress Management:

  • What Does Stress Have to Do With Parenting? (Hint: Everything)
  • Signs of Stress in Your Child/Teen
  • Signs You're Stressed or Overloaded as a Parent
  • Stress Management & Resiliency for Co-Parents
  • Immediate Stress Busters for You & Your Children


Positive Parenting Communication

  • Navigating Parenting Mishaps without the Guilt
  • Positive Conversation Starters for Children
  • Raising a Healthy, Happy & Successful Child
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Image of included documents in our powerful positive co-parenting-kit.

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