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Stress Free Discipline & Consequences

No More Struggling to Choose the Best Consequences or Questioning Your Disciplinary Methods

Gain insight and understanding into the best disciplinary tools and methods. Learn how to choose effective consequences without the battles.

Plus a list of the most effective and appropriate consequences for specific common behavior issues parents face (for all ages), including:

  • tantrums
  • bad attitudes, talking back, disrespect
  • ignoring requests, ignoring chores
  • sibling rivalry
  • bedtime issues
  • technology, phones, social media and screen issues
  • poor grades
  • aggressive, rebellious behavior and more

Why Aren't Consequences Helping?

Struggling to set consequences that actually work?

Frustrated by the repeated behavioral issues that just don't stop?

Dreading dinner, bath time, bedtime or any time you know will end in

Wondering what you're doing wrong?

Feeling like you're the only parent who can't figure it out?

I'm Tired Of Struggling With Consequences >

Tired of Consequences That Cause More Stress in the Long Run?

Ineffective Consequences

Over the Top Consequences

Consequences That Seem Impossible to Enforce

Or Lead to Arguments & More Work For You?

Do You Find Yourself Stuck Setting Secondary Consequences Because Your Child Ignored the First One?

Feeling Bad About Harsh Consequences Set Out of Frustration?

No One Told Me Discipline Would Be So Tough!

Regain Control In Less Than 45-Minutes

Stress Free Discipline & Consequences


  • Being prepared with effective and appropriate consequences for your more common behavioral issues
  • Having just the right consequences for: tantrums, talking back/attitude, unfinished chores, poor grades, sibling rivalry, devices and screen time, bedtime issues, rebellion and many more!


  • No more avoiding discipline because it seems ineffective and simply leads to more stress
  • No more stress, frustration or worry that you have to come up with a last minute consequences that's actually going to work!
  • No more stress or anxiety that you'll have to put up a fight to set the consequence in motion or enforce it
  • No more guilt over setting a consequence that was inappropriate or over-the-top


  • Setting consequences that require minimal effort on your end, after all, it's your child's consequences not yours!
  • No longer questioning your disciplinary style or methods


  • Setting consequences that match each unique child's needs, personality and situation (one size does not fit all!)
  • Setting consequences with confidence because you're supporting life lessons and personal growth
  • Setting consequences that makes sense and lead to change
  • Setting consequences that feel good because you know you're supporting life lessons and growth


  • Understanding healthy discipline and utilizing discipline in a manner that builds your children up
  • Using discipline to increase family communication, connections and cohesiveness
  • No longer questioning your disciplinary style or methods
  • Parenting on the same page as your spouse or co-parent
  • Feeling good about your parenting

You've Got This !

Navigating Discipline & Consequences doesn't have to be hard. I promise! You'll have effective go-to consequences that simply make sense for your most common issues. But that’s not all. Discipline is not always a one-size fits all! Our children are unique, their ages, disposition, physical and emotional requirements, are their situation, can all impact what consequence we must choose for each child!

This course is designed for personalization, opportunities to help you select the best, most effective consequences and disciplinary support for your unique child, unique family and unique situation.

That' right, you receive the necessary insight and suggestions for the best method, and have access to the tools and support to help you modify and personalize the support to fit you perfectly!

This course ensures these steps are not only easy to understand, but easy to implement and incredibly relatable! You're no alone in this struggle. Your situation is incredibly common. All you need are the right tools.

The Support You're Seeking Is Here

Perfect for Parents Struggling With:

Tantrums - All Ages

Bad Attitudes


Talking Back

Kids Not Listening

Incomplete Chores

Disrespectful Behavior

Sibling Rivalry

Bad Grades

Device/Screen Time

Repetitive Behavioral Issues

Ineffective Consequences

Parental Disagreements

Feelings of Frustration, Guilt

Choosing Consequences That Work

Household Rules That Stick

Support For Each Unique Child & Each Situations

Stress Free Discipline & Consequences


No More Struggling to Choose the Best Consequences or Questioning Your Disciplinary Methods


"I learned a lot from Susan and her course material. She made it personal and let me set the pace, learning and application. Great investment!"



Stress Free Consequences & Discipline Support with Bonus Lessons

father and toddler bonding

Consequences & Discipline

This course provides everything you need to understand effective discipline, including setting appropriate consequences that work! Common behavioral issues are addressed with a variety of effective consequences for various ages and situations.


mother and daughter, adult, women

Bonus Worksheets

Setting Household Rules & Pre-Set Consequences

This Course Comes Complete with the opportunity to establish rules and expectations to ensure your household runs smoothly and that everyone is comfortable, confident and committed to working as a cohesive family unit


About Susan

I'm a Certified Family Life Educator, Parent Coach & Course Creator, wife & mother of 3 incredible humans. I know all about the challenges parents struggle with as we juggle multiple hats and busy lives. I know because I lived it myself.

You Are Not Alone in Your Parenting Journey.

My programs and workshops utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods available, designed for convenience and simplicity.

Why Take This Course?

Powerful Support In Less Than 1-Hour

As with all Achieve Life Balance courses, this workshop is Short, Simple & Effective! Your time is limited and valuable. The goal is to reduce stress and overload, not add to it! You’ll gain effective, real-world tools quickly.

Clear & Relatable

Based on simple, natural steps that just make sense. is so relatable, you’ll have plenty of a-ha moments that will make implementing the steps so easy!

Support Is Personalized

Yes, it’s personalized! In fact, it even comes with extra bonuses: creating a household set of rules with immediate no-conflict go-to consequences specific to your family! Direct 1-1 real support from Susan is available any time.


Still not sure? Try this course risk-free!

Love it or get your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Achieve Life Balance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Reach out to Susan and let her know. Your feedback is valued. Your satisfaction is valued.

Stress Free Consequences & Discipline

Growing up is hard.

Parenting doesn't have to be!