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3 Simple Steps to Effective Discipline

Effective Low-Stress Parenting Support

Struggling With Your Kids Lately?

Questioning Your Success As A Parent?

Do any of these sound familiar?

When Did My Kids Stop Listening?

Tired of the tantrums?

Outbursts and arguments?

Or negative attitudes from your kids?

Tired of fighting over phones & screen time?

Tired of everyone ignoring you?

Why Do I Always End Up Yelling?

Sick of shouting all the time and getting nowhere?

Wish you had more support around the house?

Wishing your kids showed more respect and appreciation?

Exhausted from your child's latest meltdown?

Exhausted from your latest meltdown?

Disappointed and guilt-stricken by your reaction?

Why Aren't Consequences Helping?

Struggling to set consequences that actually work?

Frustrated by the repeated behavioral issues that just don't stop?

Dreading dinner, bath time, bedtime or any time you know will end in

Wondering what you're doing wrong?

Feeling like you're the only parent who can't figure it out?

Wondering Where the Joy Of Parenthood Went?

Tired of getting stuck with all the chores and clean up?

Finding it easier to just do it yourself?

Feeling angry and resentful you're kids aren't helping?

Tired of the meltdowns & outbursts?

Wishing for a single moment to simply unwind peacefully?

When Did Parenting Get So Tough?

Growing Up Is Hard

Parenting Doesn't Have to Be!

Regain Control In 1-Hour

3 Simple Steps to Effective Discipline

Get Your Kids To Listen The First Time!

  • No more yelling, nagging, arguing, bribing or getting stuck doing it yourself!
  • No more tantrums, attitude or acting out!
  • No more doing everything on your own because it's "easier" (it's not!)

You've Got This !

The 3 Steps are not difficult! I promise! They’re simple, realistic and make sense. But that’s not all. This course ensures these steps are not only easy to understand, but easy to implement and incredibly relatable! You're no alone in this struggle. Your situation is incredibly common. All you need are the right tools and insight.

This course comes with simple tools to help you utilize these 3 steps: instantly and in a manner that fits your family's personal needs. Yes, it’s personalized!

In fact, it even comes with a second incredible bonus: creating a household set of rules with immediate no-conflict go-to consequences. Direct 1-1 real support from Susan is available any time.

Everything you could possibly need to start your new and improved, stress and guilt-free parenting journey is right here.

Breaking the Cycle is Easier Than You Think!

parenting dad high five happy child

Screaming and yelling are simply not necessary to get your kids to listen. I promise-it’s true! In fact, while it might work here and there, it’s not a long-term solution. If it was, you wouldn’t be here. Over time, it simply leads to more trouble. Yelling louder. Yelling more often. The cycles of follow-up emotions: frustration, anger, guilt, remorse. You swear next time will be different, only to rinse and repeat.

Frustration and anger no longer have to be part of parenting. Nor does yelling or screaming. You can have a calm, cohesive, and respectful household!

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be free of the stress. And the sooner, you can enjoy your family life again. Why wait another minute!

Enjoy Parenting Again!

Can you imagine....

Can You Imagine

Simply asking your children to follow your requests without an argument: A chore, task, homework, setting down their phone or tablet, turning off the television?

Can You Imagine

Respectful conversations? Pleases and thank you’s! And even: “Sure, mom, what do you need?”

Can You Imagine

Coming home to a clean house? Dishes in the dishwasher or cupboards? Laundry started? Homework underway?

Can You Imagine

No more attitude, arguments, ignoring you or getting stuck with all the chores and hard work.

And with the bonus section: No more setting consequences that don’t work or can’t be enforced! No more tired, old behavioral issues that never seem to stop.

Can You Imagine

A stranger complimenting your children’s behavior at a grocery store or pediatrician’s office?

I Want This!

girl, father, portrait

3 Simple Steps To Effective Discipline


Navigate Parenting Without Stress. Implementing these 3 steps will make you a successful parent without attitude, arguments or ignoring you. You'll know what to expect and so will your kids. Includes disciplinary examples and consequences for the most common behavioral issues.

The Support You're Seeking Is Here

Perfect for Parents Struggling With:

Tantrums - All Ages

Bad Attitudes


Talking Back

Kids Not Listening

Incomplete Chores

Disrespectful Behavior

Repetitive Behavioral Issues

Ineffective Consequences

Parental Disagreements

Feelings of Frustration, Guilt

Choosing Consequences That Work

Household Rules That Stick

Support For Each Unique Child & Each Situations


"I learned a lot from Susan and her course material. She made it personal and let me set the pace, learning and application. Great investment!"










Free Bonus Lessons


Yes, you can have these results with three simple steps!

No more arguing, feeling guilty or a lack of follow-through.

Everyone will know what is expected and when,

leaving you with less stress, more support and a happier home for all!

family, children, kids-286147.jpg

Step 1


Immediately reduce stress, arguments and confusion. Ensure everyone is on the same page from the start.

Father and son having a serious talk

Step 2


Work. Obligations. Family. Kids. Life is busy. Learn simple ways to add consistency to your household. The payoff is significant!

mother and daughter, adult, women

Step 3


It's hard to stay committed to rules and enforce consequences when nothing seems to work. Learn how to change this quickly and effectively!

father and toddler bonding

Step 4 - Bonus


Finding it difficult to set consequences that actually work? This course includes a variety of effective solutions to common behavioral issues, with options for various ages and personalities.

Extra Bonus:

Free Personalized Household Plan
Establish Your Household Rules, Boundaries, Expectations & Preset Consequences


About Susan

I'm a Certified Family Life Educator, Parent Coach & Course Creator, wife & mother of 3 incredible humans. I know all about the challenges parents struggle with as we juggle multiple hats and busy lives. I know because I lived it myself.

You Are Not Alone in Your Parenting Journey.

My programs and workshops utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods available, designed for convenience and simplicity.

Why Take This Course?

Powerful Support In Just 1-Hour

Short, Simple & Effective.! Your time is limited and valuable. The goal is to reduce stress and overload, not add to it! You’ll gain effective, real-world tools in less than 1-Hour! That includes 3 bite-sized lessons, and incredible bonus lesson and personalized support!

Clear & Relatable

Based on simple, natural steps that just make sense. The insight from 3 Steps is so relatable, you’ll have plenty of a-ha moments that will make implementing the steps so easy!

See Real Change In Just A Few Days-Even Hours

These 3 steps are so natural and effective you’ll see results in a matter of days, often times, even immediate results! Your kids will know you mean business-all without yelling, nagging, bribing, cajoling or giving in. In fact, once you gain the tools and insight your interactions between all family members will be calm, kind, loving and stress-free. Yep, it’s that simple.

Support Is Personalized

Yes, it’s personalized! In fact, it even comes with a second incredible bonus: creating a household set of rules with immediate no-conflict go-to consequences. Direct 1-1 real support from Susan is available any time.

Everything you could possibly need to start your new and improved, stress and guilt-free parenting journey is right here.

Not 1 But 2 Free Bonuses!

In addition to the incredibly supportive 3 Simple Steps, this course includes 2 additional bonuses to ensure your success!

Bonus 1: Choosing Consequences That Work!

That's right! This course includes an entire section on how to choose the right consequence for each situation. In fact, it includes how to use consequences, how to choose consequences, and a list of the best consequences for the most common behavioral issues (tantrums, attitude, talking back, arguments, bedtime issues, sibling rivalry, lying and so much more!)

Bonus 2: Establishing Household Rules

This section is 100% personalized! You'll finish this course with a set of dedicated household rules and expectations (including chores!) to ensure your home runs exactly as you expect it to. Absolutely, no more arguing over the rules, chores or a single consequence! Everything is all right there, laid out for your family.


Still not sure? Try this course risk-free!

Love it or get your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Achieve Life Balance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Reach out to Susan and let her know. Your feedback is valued. Your satisfaction is valued

woman, mother, and child sharing affection and giving support.

3 Simple Steps To Effective Discipline

Growing up is hard.

Parenting doesn't have to be!

Testimonials From The Home Front 

What My Kids Have to Say

Yes!  These are my real children.  No, I did not force them, bribe them, pay them, pressure them, or anything along those lines.  I asked my kids if they’d be willing to provide an honest testimonial on how they would describe the success of my parenting skills ~ after I dedicated my efforts to improve my parenting skills, earned my certification, and put my lessons to the test in the real world.

Susan Graham's daughter Lauren

Lauren Graham, 24

Elementary Teacher

“My mom really changed when she started working on her certification and parenting knowledge.  She became a whole different person, a better parent. I’m always asking for her classroom management advice.

Nicole Graham, 21

Global Studies Student

“My friends tell me how lucky am to have a mom who listens and supports me, even when we disagree. I have to admit she’s a great mom. I feel safe coming to her with almost anything.”

Susan Graham's daughter Nicole
Susan Graham's son Brendan

Brendan Graham, 17


“She’s okay. Just kidding! She’s a great mom. If something goes wrong, I know I can go to her to help me figure things out.”