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Powerful Positive Parenting Plus

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.Designed by a Certified Family Life Educator with over fifteen years working with educators, families and children in the classroom, and in the home, you’re in good hands with Susan.

#1 Parenting Course

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus

This All-In-One Course Provides Everything Necessary to Support You & Your Family

Our kids learn from us. All. The. Time. 

They’re watching us. They’re constantly modeling our behavior:  the good, the bad and the indifferent. With all of the stress and adversity our children face today, in the midst of all the external messages, you remain your child’s greatest influence.

Your parenting style has a tremendous impact on the foundation and future of these precious individuals.

Every lesson contains insight and techniques that can help you dramatically improve yourself and your parenting. You’ll notice the difference and so will your children. View Curriculum.

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus Puts You Back In Control

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Healthy Parenting Starts with A Healthy You!

You are your child’s # 1 role model. Where you lead them, they will follow.

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus, starts with YOU first.

The first two units of Powerful Positive Parenting Plus are dedicated to helping you take back control. Powerful Positive Parenting Plus offers immediate tools to take back control over your many obligations, work tasks, relationships, your household, your family life and your stressors!

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus helps you reconnect with your emotions in a healthy way, to calm your thoughts and reactions ~ no more guilt or yelling out of the blue!

By the short time you get to the parenting units, you’ll be well on your way to major changes in your life that can last forever!!! I Need This! Take Me To The Course!

Build A Healthy, Happy, Unified Family

No more power-plays or arguments over chores, behavior issues or attitudes. Became a family unit that works together out of mutual love, respect and cohesiveness. Sign Me Up! This Sounds Perfect!

A Fit For All Families

Support your family (no matter the size, the shape, the form) with love, affection, commitment, and with success. Share your morals, your strengths, your knowledge. I Want This For Myself & My Family!

Confident Connected Parents

Raise Confident Kids

Connect and stay connected with your kids through the good times and bad, through their periods of growth and separation, through peer pressure and external influences. Feel confident and nurture confidence in your children. Yes! I Want My Kids to Be Happy & Confident. I Want to Grow With Them & Stay Connected. Let's Get Started!

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Sound Familiar?

Overloaded With Daily Obligations?

Feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Struggling to navigate it all?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you can never quite manage to meet everyone's needs and expectations?

Do you dream of having an hour to unwind, when you rarely have a single moment for yourself? Wondering how everyone else seems to have it all together?

Tired of Tantrums, Arguments & Attitudes From Your Kids?

Do your kids ignore you? Argue or tantrum until they get their way? 

You’ve tried everything. Rewards. Stickers. Chore Charts. Simple requests. Repeated requests. Nagging. Consequences. Consequences on top of consequences

But getting your kids to actually comply makes discipline even more stressful. And when you finally do get a consequence to work, it doesn't take long before your kids are right back to the initial behavior that started it all.

Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with a consequence in the first place. One that is effective, enforceable, and doesn't come with a battle!

All of your efforts to manage behavior is often more exhausting than the behavior itself! It's almost easier to just give in and do it yourself!

Frustrated By Your Own Shocking Outbursts?

Do you you manage to keep your cool throughout the busy day or week only to lose it unexpectedly?

You're tired. Exhausted really, and there's still so much to do. When you ask for help...that's when it starts. The tantrums, the attitude, the arguments...or you get ignored! And who gets stuck with the clean up? Who gets pulled right in?

We all know where this ends. The blowup! Yelling. Arguing. Saying things you don't mean. Setting consequences that not only don't seem to work, but make you feel bad! It doesn't take long for the guilt to set in and the silent promises to keep it together next time. Sure enough, you find yourself repeating the same pattern. Over and over.

Struggling To Parent On the Same Page?

Tired of arguing with you spouse or co-parent over parenting? Do you find yourself constantly disagreeing on how to handle behavioral issues or consequences? Do you find yourself trying to offset your co-parent's techniques by softening consequences or by being more rigid?

Are you exhausted by the added weight of parenting differences. Or worry about the impact your different parenting styles will have on your kids?

Wondering If Your Kids Will Be Okay?

Protecting our kids is one of the most basic parental instincts. It's no wonder we worry about them. Do any of these sound familiar?

Are my children happy? Healthy? Are they doing okay in school? Are they keeping up academically? Socially? Are they being bullied? Are they bullying someone else? Are they feeling pressured by her peers?

What are they watching on social media? Are they gaming too much? Are they safe online?

Is my child going to be successful in life? Am I providing the right tools for success? Am I spending enough time with them? Am I too hard on my child? Too soft?

Am I doing a good job? Instilling good values? Teaching them the necessary life lessons? Does my child know all of the mistakes I've made? That I'm making right now?

And, the ultimate question…Is my child going to be okay? Yes, Powerful Positive Parenting Plus can help!

You're Not Alone!

You are not alone in your struggles, fears and frustrations. I promise!

And, no! You're not a bad parent. If you were, you wouldn't be here.

On this page. Right now. Searching for support and wisdom to be the best possible parent you can be.

You're simply you. Facing common, normal, but often tough trials that come with leading young, impressionable, vulnerable, and impulsive individuals through their own life journey. And, as they say, without a handbook!

Wow! That is a lot!

Experience a world free of these fears and frustrations! Powerful Positive Parenting Plus is a one-of-a-kind parenting program designed to support your entire family! This dynamic course goes above-and-beyond parenting support, providing everything you need to live a happy, healthy authentic lifestyle you can model for your children. Lessons are short, simple, relatable and based on natural principles that are easy to implement.

Designed by a Certified Family Life Educator with over fifteen years working with educators, families and children in the classroom, and in the home, you're in good hands with Susan.

Providing Support For Parents As Individuals Plus

Parenting Guidance From Birth through Adulthood

Why Powerful Positive Parenting Plus?

Short But Powerful

Your time is limited and valuable. Lessons are short, but power-packed and to the point. Each lesson is jam-packed with exclusive, easy-to-implement, and life-changing tools designed to bring you the most information in the easiest format.

Clear, Simple & Relatable

Based on simple, natural concepts that just make sense.

Quickly relate to the tools and information through common, scenarios. You'll have plenty of "a-ha" moments, making the course easy to relate to and implement.

Valuable reminders throughout the course automatically reinforce the most essential tools.

Support for YOU Comes First

Remember, you are your child's #1 Role Model, their teacher and safety net.

The concepts in Powerful Positive Parenting are based on natural and healthy human needs and interactions. The first two units are dedicated to you, as an individual. You'll gain immediate tools to support in all areas of life including reducing and navigating stressors, managing emotions, healthy relationships and communication, and so much more!

Individualized to Meet Your Specific Situation & Needs

All of Achieve Life Balance courses are built to meet you where you're at. Learn your way. Anywhere. Any time. At your pace.

Bonus: Personalization is Built Into Every Lesson

15 Personalized worksheets are specifically designed to reflect your goals: helping you define and navigate your specific situation, your personal values, and even each child's unique personality and needs. That’s right! These lessons are not one-size-fits-all! They’re designed to fit you perfectly.

Includes Free 1-1 Coaching With Susan

The best of both worlds is available with Achieve Life Balance. Start with the convenience of an on-demand course.

And when you’re ready for one-on-one support, contact Susan for your free coaching session. Additional sessions and support are always available for Powerful Positive Parenting Plus families.

Learn Your Way - When, Where & How

Choose the learning format that works best for you:


Audio (Podcourse)

Written Format

Worksheets Are Available As:


Audio Questions (with each pod-lesson)

Online Worksheets

Complete right from you phone or computer. Simply type dictate your responses and get an emailed copy of your completed worksheets with 1-click.

Watch, listen, learn wherever you want, wherever it makes sense for you.

parenting dad high five happy child
Immediate Results

Because Powerful Positive Parenting Plus uses simple, natural techniques, tools that simply "make sense" and are truly easy-to-implement, you'll be able to see major changes instantaneously.

As you move forward, the tools & support build on one another. So once you're successful in one lesson, you'll already be steps ahead by the next lesson.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Still not sure? Try this course risk-free!

Love it or get your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Achieve Life Balance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Reach out to Susan and let her know. Your feedback is valued. Your satisfaction is valued!

Meet Certified Family Life Educator & Parenting Coach, Susan Graham, CFLE

Hey There, I’m Susan!

I’m a Certified Family Life Educator, Parent Coach & Course Creator, wife & mother of 3 incredible humans. I know all about the challenges parents struggle with as we juggle multiple hats and busy lives.

I know because I’ve lived it myself.

You Are Not Alone In Your Parenting Journey.

My programs and workshops utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods available, designed for convenience and simplicity.

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As Featured In

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Taking Back Control of Your Obligations & Overload

Reducing Your Levels of Overload, Stress & Anxiety

Navigating Daily Obligations with Purpose/Ease

Living A Life of Authenticity

Creating A Home Atmosphere that Is Loving, Calm & Cohesive


Raising Confident Children Inside & Out

Children In Tune With Their Emotions & Reactions

Building Your Child's Self-Esteem & Confidence

Resistant to Outside Influences & Peer Pressure

Children Equipped With Problem-Solving Skills

Children Who Feel Capable and Trust Themselves to Make Good Decisions


Reduced Behavioral Issues

Setting Rules, Boundaries & Expectations That Are Clear & Respected

Choosing Effective & Appropriate Consequences With Ease

Responding To Each Child Individually, Meeting Their Unique Needs, Personalities & Capabilities

Improved Communication & Mutual Respect

Raising Children Who Want to Cooperate


Setting Your Family's Foundation For Life

Naturally Preparing Your Children with the Life Lessons to Grow Into Happy, Healthy, Successful Adults.

Feeling Good About Your Path, Your Parenting, Your Family, Your Relationships, & Your Kids

3 generations sharing time together.

Yes, Imagine...

Living your best life. For yourself and your kids.

Living authentically. Living with joy.

Feel good about who you are, how you live your life, what you model for your kids, and the lessons you're teaching them that will last from now and into future generations.

The Support You're Seeking Is Here

~ Parents & Guardians ~
This Course Can Help You!

Perfect for Parents Struggling With:

  • Emotional Outbursts
  • Tantrums
  • Kids Not Listening
  • Incomplete Chores
  • Arguments or Attitude
  • Disrespectful Behavior
  • Repetitive Behavioral Issues
  • Ineffective Consequences
  • Communication Issues
  • Parental Arguments
  • Household Discord
  • Feelings of Frustration, Guilt
  • Stress, Overload or Anxiety

Perfect for Parents Who Seek:

  • Consequences That Work
  • Tools For Navigating Tough Topics
  • Household Rules That Stick
  • To Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Support For Each Unique Child
  • To Increase Quality Moments
  • Support For Various Ages/Stages (Toddler to Teen)
  • To Reduce Parental/Co-Parenting Disagreements
  • A Positive Home Atmosphere
  • To Promote Good-Decision Making Skills & Problem-Solving Skills
  • To Instill Valuable Life Lessons

Growing Up is Hard

Parenting Doesn't Have to Be!

Welcome to

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus










baby, dad, and daughter spending time together


Powerful Parenting Plus Curriculum

Lesson 1: Control, Emotions & Behavior

Support Starts with You First. Immediate tools to take back control over your many obligations, work, tasks, relationships, your household and your family life.

Reduce feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, stress, overload, you get the idea. Reconnect with your emotions in a healthy way. Learn how to calm your thoughts and reactions (no more guilt or yelling out of the blue!)

These amazing tools you'll be using to support yourself first, will quickly translate into understanding and supporting your children!

Lesson 2: Stress Management & Reduction

Understand how you personally react to stress, so you can quickly and effectively take steps to reduce its impact. Recognize your triggers, and gain instant tools to tackle those stressors head-on.

Reduce parental stress and thus your child’s stress levels.

Teach your child calming techniques that can help reduce long-term anxiety and depression.

Lesson 3: Parenting Styles Plus

The Parenting Style That Changes Everything. Get to know your parenting style closely. Gain a quick understanding of what works, what doesn't and why. Break negative habits and implement what researchers agree is the most effective parenting style today.

Exclusive! A Common New Parenting Style That's Sabotaging Families! Search online and you'll find insight into the 4 Main Parenting Styles. But after 10 years of working directly with families, I've uncovered a new parenting style, a 5th Parenting Style that's more common than ever ~ in fact, you're probably using it right now ~ and it's guaranteed to wreak havoc on your parenting success, your stress levels and your kids' behavior!

Lesson 4: How Children Learn to Behave — Influences & Self-Esteem

Get To Know Your Unique Child. Understand how your child views life and learns from every day experiences. Gain essential tools to ensure you remain a major influence in your child’s life.

Raise a Confident, Capable Individual. Build your child's natural strengths, self-esteem, resiliency and the ability to navigate peer pressure.

Lesson 5: Positive Communication and Interaction, and Well-Being

Build Beautiful Connections. It’s not just what you say that builds a foundation for life, it’s how you say it. Create an environment that makes your child WANT to cooperate!

Bonus: Reduce, even eliminate, arguments with your child. Increase communication and trust so your child feels safe coming to you, even in the precarious teen years.

Lesson 6: Discipline and Punishment

Change How You View Parenting For Life

Exclusive! This single lesson will change how you view parenting forever. This incredible insight immediately reduces the stress of parenting while making you feel more in control than ever. Understand your true role and value as a parent, and how to build and create valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

Lesson 7: Setting Immediate, Effective and Appropriate Consequences

A Multitude of Discipline Methods At Your Disposal Stress-Free Consequences Consequences only work when they meet certain criteria. Choosing the wrong consequence (especially if you’re angry or under pressure) often results in frustration, guilt and added stress for everyone. Take the guesswork out of discipline. You’ll be amazed at the number of simple, effective and stress-free disciplinary tools available.

Bonus: Learn how to immediately and effectively handle setting an inappropriate or ineffective consequences.

Lesson 8: Why Children Misbehave

Understand Your Unique Child. Don’t skip this essential component. Children rarely misbehave without a reason. Learning why your child is misbehaving is often half the battle. 

Every situation, every reaction, even every behavior happens for a reason and is unique to your child at that moment. Gain a quick run-down of the potential reasons your child is acting out and what you can do about it.

Lesson 9: Achieve Life Balance’s Ultimate Lesson in Positive Parenting—The BIG Three!

Never Question Your Parenting Again!

Exclusive! These three questions, ONLY available in Powerful Positive Parenting Plus, enables you to INDIVIDUALIZE every disciplinary action to match each child’s situation and unique personality.

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus is designed to provide effective, individualized support.

There is no-one-size fit all solution to every scenario.

Lesson 10: 6-C Positive Parenting Essentials

Putting It All Together! Exclusive! Follow these six simple components to ensure you’re always implementing positive parenting techniques.

BONUS LESSON 11: Establish Your Household Plan

Keeping It All Together! Exclusive! Create a personalized, low-stress and cohesive household. Set family rules with pre-determined consequences, establish age-appropriate lessons/chores and instill your core values.

This Sounds Amazing!

All Of This In One Course?

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus

100% evidence-based

Built on solid research, not trends

Designed by a Certified Family Life Educator


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“Blown away by her attention to detail and breakdown analysis on how parenting differs but yet all have the common goals. 5-Stars!”

Jason M.


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“I learned a lot from Susan and her course material. She made it personal and let me set the pace for my learning and application. Great investment!”

Ryan F.


Loved and Trusted By My Clients

“Susan was so caring and understanding. She helped me through every question and all the lessons without judgment or bias. She truly works with a passion to help parents succeed at their fullest potential! 10/5″​

Alex S. 

Testimonials From The Home Front 

What My Kids Have to Say

Yes!  These are my real children.  No, I did not force them, bribe them, pay them, pressure them, or anything along those lines.  I asked my kids if they’d be willing to provide an honest testimonial on how they would describe the success of my parenting skills ~ after I dedicated my efforts to improve my parenting skills, earned my certification, and put my lessons to the test in the real world.

Susan Graham's daughter Lauren

Lauren Graham, 24

Multilingual Learners Elementary Teacher

“My mom really changed when she started working on her certification and parenting knowledge.  She became a whole different person, a better parent. I’m always asking for her classroom management advice.

Nicole Graham, 21

Global Studies Student

“My friends tell me how lucky I am to have a mom who listens and supports me, even when we disagree. I have to admit she’s a great mom. I feel safe coming to her with almost anything.”

Susan Graham's daughter Nicole

Brendan Graham, 17


“She’s okay. Just kidding! She’s a great mom. If something goes wrong, I know I can go to her to help me figure things out.”

girl, mother, daughter

Powerful Positive Parenting

Start Your Journey Here.