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Powerful Positive Parenting Plus Curriculum

Lesson 1: Control, Emotions & Behavior

Support Starts with You First. Immediate tools to take back control over your many obligations, work, tasks, relationships, your household and your family life.

Reduce feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, stress, overload, you get the idea. Reconnect with your emotions in a healthy way. Learn how to calm your thoughts and reactions (no more guilt or yelling out of the blue!)

These amazing tools will quickly translate into understanding and supporting your children!

Lesson 2: Stress Management & Reduction

Understand how you personally react to stress, so you can quickly and effectively take steps to reduce its impact. Recognize your triggers, and gain instant tools to tackle those stressors head-on.

Reduce parental stress and thus your child’s stress levels.

Teach your child calming techniques that can help reduce long-term anxiety and depression.

Lesson 3: Parenting Styles Plus

The Parenting Style That Changes Everything. Get to know your parenting style closely. Gain a quick understanding of what works, what doesn't and why. Break negative habits and implement what researchers agree is the most effective parenting style today.

Exclusive! A Common New Parenting Style That's Sabotaging Families! Search online and you'll find insight into the 4 Main Parenting Styles. But after 10 years of working directly with families, I've uncovered a new parenting style, a 5th Parenting Style that's more common than ever ~ in fact, you're probably using it right now ~ and it's guaranteed to wreak havoc on your parenting success, your stress levels and your kids' behavior!

Lesson 4: How Children Learn to Behave — Influences & Self-Esteem

Get To Know Your Unique Child. Understand how your child views life and learns from every day experiences. Gain essential tools to ensure you remain a major influence in your child’s life.

Raise a Confident, Capable Individual. Build your child's natural strengths, self-esteem, resiliency and the ability to navigate peer pressure.

Lesson 5: Positive Communication and Interaction, and Well-Being

Build Beautiful Connections. It’s not just what you say that builds a foundation for life, it’s how you say it. Create an environment that makes your child WANT to cooperate!

Bonus: Reduce, even eliminate, arguments with your child. Increase communication and trust so your child feels safe coming to you, even in the precarious teen years.

Lesson 6: Discipline and Punishment

Change How You View Parenting For Life

Exclusive! This single lesson will change how you view parenting forever. This incredible insight immediately reduces the stress of parenting while making you feel more in control than ever. Understand your true role and value as a parent, and how to build and create valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

Lesson 7: Setting Immediate, Effective and Appropriate Consequences

A Multitude of Discipline Methods At Your Disposal Stress-Free Consequences Consequences only work when they meet certain criteria. Choosing the wrong consequence (especially if you’re angry or under pressure) often results in frustration, guilt and added stress for everyone. Take the guesswork out of discipline. You’ll be amazed at the number of simple, effective and stress-free disciplinary tools available.

Bonus: Learn how to immediately and effectively handle setting an inappropriate or ineffective consequences.

Lesson 8: Why Children Misbehave

Understand Your Unique Child. Don’t skip this essential component. Children rarely misbehave without a reason. Learning why your child is misbehaving is often half the battle. 

Every situation, every reaction, even every behavior happens for a reason and is unique to your child at that moment. Gain a quick run-down of the potential reasons your child is acting out and what you can do about it.

Lesson 9: Achieve Life Balance’s Ultimate Lesson in Positive Parenting—The BIG Three!

Never Question Your Parenting Again!

Exclusive! These three questions, ONLY available in Powerful Positive Parenting Plus, enables you to INDIVIDUALIZE every disciplinary action to match each child’s situation and unique personality.

Powerful Positive Parenting Plus is designed to provide effective, individualized support.

There is no-one-size fit all solution to every scenario.

Lesson 10: 6-C Positive Parenting Essentials

Putting It All Together! Exclusive! Follow these six simple components to ensure you’re always implementing positive parenting techniques.

BONUS LESSON 11: Establish Your Household Plan

Keeping It All Together! Exclusive! Create a personalized, low-stress and cohesive household. Set family rules with pre-determined consequences, establish age-appropriate lessons/chores and instill your core values.