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Positive Parenting is the most effective parenting style. Get the Right Tools. Right Now and Set Your Family’s Foundation for Life!

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Your Parenting Today, Impacts Your Children For Life

Do You Struggle With Any Of The Following?

  • Temper tantrums (toddlers or teens)?
  • Attitude, talking back?
  • Your kids not listening?
  • Getting stuck with all the chores?
  • Having to yell or scream just to get your kids to listen?

Do You Worry About Your Child or Teen’s…

  • emotional outbursts or anxiety?
  • education or grades?
  • social success or chosen group of peers?
  • safety, will they make the right choices?
  • outside influences (friends, social media, bullying)
  • overall health and happiness?

Do You Ever Feel…

  • that you yell or lose your patience too much and too quickly?
  • guilty for how you reacted, or…
  • guilty for setting a strong consequences?
  • that you often don’t even know what consequences will work?
  • or, you’re tired of setting consequences that don’t work!
  • that you’re the only parent struggling with your child?
  • you and your co-parent don’t agree on parenting?

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What If You Had The Tools To Reduce All Of These Concerns And Your Fears?

What If You Found Out, You’re Not Alone?

All Of These Feelings Are Incredibly Common.

The Reality Is, They Don’t Have To Be! At Least Not In YOUR Home!

Parenting Matters

Get the Right Tools. Right Now and Set Your Family’s Foundation for Life!

Positive Parenting is an EFFECTIVE and affectionate parenting style. Positive Parenting methods, though powerful, are not difficult to implement nor do they take long to see a positive effect. Positive Parenting will change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood.

What You’ll Get in Your Powerful Positive Parenting Starter Kit

Introduction To Powerful Positive Parenting

  • What Positive Parenting Can Do for Your Family
  • Why Positive Parenting Works for Any Age
  • The Top 3 Components of Healthy Parenting
  • Don’t Be Fooled: Avoid Inaccurate “positive parenting” Tips
  • Positive Parenting Do’s


Positive Parenting Stress Management:

  • What Does Stress Have to Do With Parenting? (Hint: Everything)
  • Signs of Stress in Adults
  • Signs of Stress in Kids
  • 10 Immediate Stress Busters for the Entire Family


Positive Parenting Communication

  • 20 Positive Conversation Starters for Children
  • 20 Positive Conversation Starters for Teens


Powerful Positive Parenting Roadmap – 5 Simple Steps 

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